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Bryn Mawr’s efforts to become sustainable will only be successful if accompanied by the commitment of the community. Physical changes around campus will only be as sustainable as the people using them, so join the movement and commit yourself to a sustainable lifestyle today!

Check out the following for ways to engage with sustainability:

Sustainability and Social Justice

Alumnae Careers

OpportunitiesĀ on Campus

Additionally, you can take the pledge to lead a more sustainable life here at Bryn Mawr College and beyond. As more people sign the pledge, the mandate for sustainability grows stronger, giving us more power to enact our sustainability goals.

Bryn Mawr College Community Sustainability Pledge

The Bryn Mawr College Honor Code states that, “we have come together in this community in order to create an environment in which each member is able to realize their full potential-a potential which is realized through intellectual and social growth.”

In the spirit of the Honor Code, the BMC Greens asks members of the Bryn Mawr community to acknowledge that in order for each member of the global community to realize their full potential, we must each commit to creating a sustainable, healthy environment. We ask the community to acknowledge that environmental sustainability is a matter of social justice, and that individual as well as community changes toward more sustainable living are vital to executing Bryn Mawr’s commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the world.

Please join us by signing the following pledge:

I recognize that environmental sustainability is vital to the success of the human community, and that Bryn Mawr’s commitment to social justice should be reflected in a commitment to sustainability.

I, __________, pledge to make the following changes in an effort to live an environmentally friendly and sustainable life: __________________________________________________________________

Having demonstrated my commitment to sustainability, I additionally request that Bryn Mawr College demonstrate a similar commitment by making sustainability an institution-wide priority.




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