Our Campus Efforts

“Going Green” is at the forefront of the minds of many campus departments and organizations.We have been extremely excited to see many green groups reorganizing to bring the environmental movement back to the Mawr! Some of BMC’s clubs include: BMC Greens, Green Ambassadors, BMC Sustainable Food Club, and BMC Community Garden Club.*

Many departments on campus have joined us in our efforts to make Bryn Mawr a more sustainable campus. Check out these links for a few examples of projects that campus department leaders have undertaken:

*More information regarding current clubs and organizations may be found on the Bryn Mawr College Website under “Student Life”.

Campus organizations are generally open for suggestions. If you have an idea for how to make campus more environmentally friendly use our Suggestion Box or message us via our Facebook Page! Have questions or don’t know where to start? Contact the Chair of the Sustainability Leadership Group, Nina Bisbee at nbisbee@brynmawr.edu


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