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This Just In: Sustainability Milestone!

Posted March 3, 2016

Just last year alone, Bryn Mawr College composted 140 TONS of food scraps! Diverting this material from landfills avoided about 123 metric tons of CO2 pollution (which is equivalent to taking 300 cars off the road!) Well done, Mawrtyrs! Kitchen Harvest will be sharing our compost with Linvilla Orchards, only about 16 miles away from […]

BMC Climate Action Plan – A Progress Report of Sustainable Efforts

Posted August 13, 2013

The  one question I continually faced this summer was; “How’s that report you’re working on going?”. In essence, this report was my summer. As Student Intern for the Bryn Mawr Sustainability Group, my first assignment was to prepare a Progress Report of Sustainability efforts in Bryn Mawr for The American College & University Presidents’ Climate […]

“Wind” Mawr – Bryn Mawr with a Difference

Posted June 21, 2013

By: Sarina Shrestha Bryn Mawr is blown by a gust of wind. And how! Bryn Mawr College has purchased around 50% of its electric consumption from renewable wind power generator for the next three years. Beginning from June 1, 2013, this green initiative will reduce the carbon footprint of the college by 25%. Although the […]

Draft Mission Statement: Environmental Sustainability Leadership Group

Posted April 19, 2012

The Bryn Mawr College Environmental Sustainability Leadership Group has created a draft of its mission statement. The text of the draft statement is below; we welcome comments on the draft from community members. Draft Mission Statement of the Bryn Mawr College Environmental Sustainability Leadership Group The College will be a responsible environmental steward and will […]

Earth Day 2011

Posted June 14, 2011

BMC Greens and other groups celebrated the 41st annual Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd, 2011. Prior to the event, the President’s Sustainability Steering Committee presented to the community the Climate Action Plan, signed by President McAuliffe in January, 2010. The Greens’ Earth Day celebrations included free burgers made from grass fed, organic beef, supplied […]

Bryn Mawr Climate Action Plan Calls for Reduction in College’s Carbon Footprint

Posted August 13, 2010

March 22, 2010 Earlier this year, Bryn Mawr College submitted its Climate Action Plan as part of The American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. The plan calls for a 10-percent decrease in overall college emissions over the next 10 years; an expansion of course offerings in environmental studies; increased efforts to educate the community on sustainability […]

Presidents Climate Commitment

Posted August 13, 2010

President Jane McAuliffe has renewed Bryn Mawr’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. President Nancy J. Vickers originally signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), pledging to assess the campus’s energy consumption and eliminate or neutralize its greenhouse-gas emissions over time. The ACUPCC has more than 600 signatories. Participating colleges must complete […]