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BMC Garden First Monthly Newsletter

Posted February 6, 2013

Presenting the first issue of the Bryn Mawr Garden Montly Newsletter (Click here)! Designed by Frankie Leech ’16 and other members of the garden committee, this issue gives an overview of work done last semester, a timeline for the spring as well as fun facts and a recipe. The garden started in spring of 2010 […]

Take Out Reduced!

Posted February 2, 2013

Did you know that Mawters used over 50,000 takeout boxes last year? In conjunction with the new composting program, reducing the number of takeout boxes will significantly reduce the amount of trash that comes from our dining halls. Way to go Dining Services!

Electricians Honored at “Lighting The Way” Event

Posted February 2, 2013

By: Lee McClenon Last Tuesday the Sustainability Leadership Group held an ceremony for the new renovations in Brecon Hall that made it the first 100% LED dorm on campus. As part of the proceedings, President Jane McAuliffe honored three electricians from Bryn Mawr facilities with the following address before presenting them with certificates. “Your initiative and innovative […]

Lighting the Way January 29th

Posted January 25, 2013

Please join us on Tuesday for an event hosted by the Sustainability Leadership Group and the Noyce Math and Science Teacher Scholarship program. (See more details below)   The event will start at 3:30 in Pembroke Arch with a short tour given by Environmental Studies Seniors. The idea for the tour came out of the senior […]

Take Out at Bryn Mawr: A Personal Reflection

Posted December 7, 2012

by: Alisha Park, Bryn Mawr ‘13 When I first learned about take out freshman year, I thought it was a great way to get hot food and avoid making sandwiches if I was short on time. I could have food without worrying about skipping meals or just eating fruit. Most dining halls I had visited […]

First Solar Panels at Bryn Mawr

Posted November 13, 2012

  By: Lee McClenon Notice: You can now track the energy output of our new solar panels by following this link! … When walking down to the gym you might notice something new in the scenic vista of landscaping along Cambrian Row. On Monday the college installed its first solar panels! The panels were chosen […]

Will you be here for fall break? Want to be part of Bryn Mawr’s first solar panel project?

Posted October 11, 2012

BMC will start installation for its first large Solar Panel next week! To be located at ground level near the tennis courts, the panel will help power SGA house on Cambrian Row. Facilities services is very excited to have students and community members be involved.  If you want to be part of the installation, including […]

Composting Continues!

Posted October 3, 2012

By: Lee McClenon After several waste audits and tireless work from many people on campus, Bryn Mawr is now composting food waste in both Haffner and Erdman dining halls. The initiative, which is still in its piloting phase, has been a developing project for the past two years. In the spring of 2011 the Environmental Studies […]

LED Bulbs in Thomas Great Hall Chandeliers

Posted August 8, 2012

Over the course of several years, Bryn Mawr has replaced many of the light bulbs on campus with efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs. A dramatic example of the advantages of LED bulbs hangs from the painted ceiling in Thomas Great Hall.

Understanding Energy Part 1: You Are as Powerful as a Lightbulb

Posted July 31, 2012

By: Lee McClenon Understanding Energy We all know that light bulbs usually are labeled between 40 and 100 watts, but can you conceptualize what that actually means? When you turn off that light, how much energy are you saving? What could be done with that amount of energy? In order to start making a dent […]

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