Current Projects

  • Continued commitment to our climate action plan: achieve 10% reduction by 2008
  • Revamping customs week to include information on environmentalism
  • Continue increasing connections to sustainability in classes.

This Semester

  • E-forum for discussing environmentalism with new and returning students- Bryn Mawr Greens Club
  • Tri-Co Summit of Environmental Leaders by Bryn Mawr Greens Club
  • Continuation of conservation hours discussion with dorms- Facilities Services
  • Creation of a Green Events calendar- Sustainability Leadership group
  • Installation of the Solar Panel near SGA house- Facilities Services
  • Quantify impact of Student Garden and expand the plot- Garden Committee (a subsection of Greens)
  • Continuing the compost pilot program- Dining Services and Facilities Services
  • Brecon will be first dorm to be 100% LED at fall break- Facilities Services
  • Environmental studies intro class will be making informational videos- Environmental Studies department
  • Tree campus committee will expand tree markers program- Buildings and grounds and Campus greening representatives
  • Environmental Studies Senior Seminar will host a sustainability tour for parent’s weekend- Environmental Studies
  • Launch of the Bryn Mawr Bike Co-Op- Bike Co Club (a subsection of greens)
  • Improve education about recycling- Recycling Committee
  • Investigate compostables for use in Lusty Cup and Uncommon Grounds- Bryn Mawr Dining Services
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