BMC Climate Action Plan – A Progress Report of Sustainable Efforts

Posted August 13th, 2013 at 10:32 pm.

The  one question I continually faced this summer was; “How’s that report you’re working on going?”. In essence, this report was my summer. As Student Intern for the Bryn Mawr Sustainability Group, my first assignment was to prepare a Progress Report of Sustainability efforts in Bryn Mawr for The American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). As most of you know, Bryn Mawr is a member of ACUPCC and as a part of the membership has set an aim of reducing its carbon footprint by 10% over a span of ten years.

 Before working for SLG I was oblivious to the sustainability efforts in the college. I used to see compost bins, bike share posters, students working in garden, and admire it from far, as a spectator would. My schedule did not permit me to attend a ‘Greens’ meeting more than once. However, I do feel as if the past two months more than made up for  everything I missed out on during the academic year.

Under the guidance of Jerry Berenson,Chief Administrative Officer, I started working on the sustainability progress report. I met many people, including Jim Mcgaffin-  Assistant Director for Energy and Project Management, Steve Green-Transportation Department, Ed Harman-Assistant Director for Grounds, Don Abramowitz-Environmental Health and Safety Department and Professor Victor Donnay-Math Department, all who provided me with really useful and interesting insights about sustainability efforts and activities in Bryn Mawr.

Not many of us are aware that our college has an overlay project which overrides the fixed sets of HVAC commands depending on the weather conditions outside a building or that 50% of our energy comes from purchased wind energy. Food composting is commonplace, but what about leaf composting? This report has all this information and more, regarding various other sustainability efforts as well. The length is considerable, however only a few pages cannot contain the full extent of the effort that Bryn Mawr has put into initiating, maintaining and promoting sustainability within the college’s bounds. I urge you to give this report a read, give it your time, and read about how our  College has done its part in minimizing its impact on the environment at large.

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