Bikers in Bryn Mawr

Posted July 7th, 2013 at 12:52 pm.

By: Sarina Shrestha

Naomi, a rising sophomore in Bryn Mawr, is currently working on campus over the summer. Every day she rides her bike from Gladwyn, her host parent’s house, for over 30 minutes. Having arrived from Kenya over just a year ago, she is still new to the traffic regulations of USA. The question is, why wasn’t she afraid of cycling in this relatively new, unfamiliar place? “I read articles and looked up videos on Youtube about how to ride safely.” Naomi comments.


Naomi riding her bike.

She is planning on continuing to explore her love for her bike throughout the summer, except when the weather does not permit. On rainy days she carpools with her host family for safety reasons. So, does Naomi plan on biking throughout the academic year too?
“Because I am living in the dorms I will not be biking that much. But I am still planning on biking for fun over weekends.”

Although her choice of biking was not based upon green issues, now Naomi feels like she has contributed significantly towards environment. “I chose biking because I did not want to trouble my host family. But now I feel like I am more independent and environmentally conscious.” Her actions made her realize how activities performed with no green motives can also contribute towards green reasons.

Whether for green motives or economic reasons or even just for fun, I would encourage everyone to start biking and play their part toward reducing the carbon footprint. And if you do not know where to start from, do not fret, for Bryn Mawr Bike Share is here to help. The Bike Share has been lending bikes to students since the spring of 2013 and plans on continuing it next year as well. Students staying over summer in Bryn Mawr can also borrow bikes from Bike Share by contacting one of their representatives.

Bryn Mawr Bike Share presents the students with a wonderful platform to contribute toward the environment without cutting down on the fun elements. By utilizing this opportunity you are playing a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of not only yourself but also of the entire school. After all every step no matter how small brings us closer towards our destination, towards an environmentally conscious world.

In order to know more about biking in Bryn Mawr, you can visit:

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