“Wind” Mawr – Bryn Mawr with a Difference

Posted June 21st, 2013 at 12:58 pm.

Image of wind turbines via http://lava360.com/20-most-beautiful-hq-wind-turbines-wallpapers/

Bryn Mawr is moving forward with wind energy.

By: Sarina Shrestha

Bryn Mawr is blown by a gust of wind. And how!

Bryn Mawr College has purchased around 50% of its electric consumption from renewable wind power generator for the next three years. Beginning from June 1, 2013, this green initiative will reduce the carbon footprint of the college by 25%. Although the energy is not generated in the college itself this project is certainly a huge green step towards a sustainable future.

Way to go Bryn Mawr!

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