Lighting the Way January 29th

Posted January 25th, 2013 at 9:08 am.

Please join us on Tuesday for an event hosted by the Sustainability Leadership Group and the Noyce Math and Science Teacher Scholarship program. (See more details below)


The event will start at 3:30 in Pembroke Arch with a short tour given by Environmental Studies Seniors. The idea for the tour came out of the senior seminar last fall. This short version will show some highlights from the full tour route that can be shown to prospective students that are interested in environmental issues or have already been on the standard admissions tour.

After renovations this winter break with hard work done by electricians from the Facilities Department, Brecon is the first dorm on campus to install 100% LED bulbs (during our ribbon cutting we will change the last traditional bulb to a new high efficiency one). In order to make this happen, the school had to figure out the best way to retrofit our old fixtures to accept LED planels.

This happened with the help of a company called “Lighting Solution Development” which engineered a completely unique solution for Bryn Mawr Facilities. David Shiller, the president of that company who has advocated for energy efficiency for many years, both as an activist protesting coal plants and as an engineer working with EnergyStar, will talk about his career path and what he sees as necessary for sustainability in the future.

After the talk, we will celebrate the one year birthday of the LED bulbs in the Thomas Great Hall Chandeliers. Installed last December, the new bulbs both save energy and have a lifetime expectancy of three years! This means that our skilled electricians can spend less time changing simple light bulbs and more time bringing Bryn Mawr the best technology there is. Please join us for cake.

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